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DFG CRC/Transregio 39 PT-PIESA
Work Programme

Work Programme

The process chain for the series production to be developed in SFB/TR contain the supply of integrable piezo-ceramic and composite semi-finished products, the series technologies for isolation and contacting, as well as the research and design of process windows of the production technologies such as pressure die-casting, sheet forming and fiber composite for component manufacturing. For the protection of the sensor-actuator-function a research of the fundamentals is carry out for the interpretation of material composite regarding the electro-mechanical interaction of piezo-ceramic and structural material, which should clarify the interaction between the mechanical-geometrical design with the electromechanical function and the production process.

In order to expand the integration of the piezo-elements in terms of a production-ready entire process chain, that is specific for the production technology and not specially adapted for an individual component, must the technology be designed in a way which the piezo elements in the component can be used multifunctional, as well as sensor, actuator, generator or in combination all this functions. This enables, with components from the resulted multi-adaptive material compound, to achieve for example a combination of active vibration reduction and monitoring components, or to choose the desired final function of the piezo-elements through extern drive and control technology.

The assignments from the beginning until the provision of the series technologies are listed in the table for the first two stages and a possible third stage of the SFB/TR 39:
Working Plane of  SFB/TR Stage 1
Year 1-4
Stage  2
Year 5-8
Stage 3
Series Technologies
Year 9-12

Technologies for Sensor-Actuator-Module and Semi-finished products

Technologies for Sensor-Actuator-Module and Semi-finished products

Adaptive material compounds  with multifunction-  manufacturing process for  the development of coupled effects

Adaptive system of materials of hybrid technologies forintegration of electronics
Manufacturing Technologies for Components

Principles of the manufacture and design of the active material compounds

Technologies for component production with defined functionality Technologies for component production with defined mutli-functionality
Design, Charakterization and Test

Design criteria and simulation tools for material compounds and technology

Test methods for the material compound
Simulation tools for function-oriented component design

Test procedures for component testing
Tools for the  evaluation oft he process security and reliability.
Demonstration of Results

Manufacturability of the composite and basic structure´s design, for example doubly curved plate.

Test of the integrated sensors and actuators

Real structural components manufacture

Defined sensor and actuator´s operation

Manufacture of an active structural component with requirements of serial production


Autonomus operation


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