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DFG CRC/Transregio 39 PT-PIESA
6th Scientific Symposium

6th Scientific Symposium of the CRC/TR 39 PT-PIESA

Lightweight Design by Integrating Functions

March 27/28, 2018, Chemnitz University of Technology


"The 5th Scientific Symposium of the CRC/TR 39 is an open forum for the discussion of experts from the PT-PIESA projects with scientists from other institutions as well as experts from industry. We cordially invite you to come to Chemnitz and join our symposium on March 27/28, 2018."


Prof. W.-G. Drossel
Spokesman of the CRC/TR 39, Chemnitz

Prof. C. Körner
Site spokesman Erlangen

Prof. N. Modler
Site spokesman Dresden


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Globalization, scarcity of ressources and climate change raise new questions in production engineering. One promising approach is to reduce component weight by use of light-weight design. The integration of sensors and actuators made of "smart materials" into light-weight composites enables to reach both ultra-light-weight design and superior dynamic properties as well as structural health monitoring. Researching and developing the necessary scientific foundations is the goal of the CRC/TR 39 "High-volume compatible production technologies for light-metal and fiber-composite based components with integrated sensors and actuators" (PT-PIESA).


  • High-volume compatible manufacturing processes for active light-weight composites
  • Functional integration of piezoelectric sensors and actuators in metal and polymer-based composite structures
  • Numerical simulation of the production processes for active composites
  • Non-destructive and non-invasive testing of piezoelectric composites
  • Model-based characterization of material-integrated sensors and actuators

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