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DFG CRC/Transregio 39 PT-PIESA
SP A02

Mikrostrukturierung und automatisierte Fügetechnologien für Piezofasern in metallische Trägerwerkstoffe

A. Schubert, H.-J. Koriath
  1. Aims
  2. Results
  3. Methods
  4. Publications
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Increase of productivity and process reliability of microstructuring and joining processes for integration piezo fiber batches in metallic structures suitable for mass production process chains

  • hybrid forming and joining processes with elastic tolerance compensation
  • increase of process reliability and reproduction by using inherent sensor functionality of the piezo fibre batch for intelligent process control of the joining process
  • process development of sealing technologies of the active zone to protect against media, mechanical damages and electrical insulation



Microstructuring by micro forming

Micro impact extrusion
  • Expansion to secondary structures
  • Reduction of the distance- and width tolerances by 75% compared to project phase 1
  • Aspect Ratio  > 1
  • Reduction of forming force by 47% (including secondary structures)
Hybrid Microforming
  • Shear displacement forming of planar secondary structures
  • Combination of micro impact extrusion and shear displacement forming in one press stroke →  hybrid microforming
  • Force reduction by 22% compared to impact extrusion

Micrograph a) Mmicro impact extrusion, b) hybrid forming,
 red Line = initial sheet thickness

Process input variables

Investigation of:
  • stamp velocity, pressing force
  • Tool coatings, tool materials, tool configurations
  • Sheet thickness and alloys
  • Lubrication conditions
  • Umformprozesse
  • Variation of structure size
cavity depth in dependency on forming force and tool coating

Joining technologies

Joining of PSV
  • Joining by forming through upsetting of the cavity webs
  • through form- and  interference-fit joined interconnected piezo ceramic fibres
  • optimizing of the geometry for joining by forming without fibre cracks
Deep drawing
  • deep drawing process after joining by forming
  • punch radii R=100 mm; 250 mm
  • no recognizable fibre cracks

Fertigung und Montage von Piezo-Sprossen-Verbunden (PSV)

a02 a02
Automatisierte Mikromontage
  • Lagemessung mit Bildverarbeitung: Wiederholgenauigkeit: 1,2 µm
  • Positionsunsicherheit (gesamt): 5,1 µm
  • konfokale Messung der Kavitätstiefe
  • Montage mit ±6,5 µm Fügespalt
→ Fügespaltreduzierung um 43%

Integrierte Piezo-Sprossen-Verbunde für die Strukturüberwachung (SHM)



Hybrid forming technologies
  • warm forming
  • vibration assisted forming
  • sealing of the active zone
  • Design of Experiments for optimization of the technology parameters
flow curves of EN-AW 5182
(according to Ostermann)
Elastic tolerance compensation
  • costumized forming force per web and piezo fibre
  • reduced tolerance requirements on PSV (A03) and sheet metal
sketch of elastic tolerance compensation        
Process control with PSV as sensor
  • contacting of the PSV during joining by forming
  • Qualifying of measurement signals
  • Process control of the interference-fit between PSV-sheet
 sketch of contacting during joining           
Charakterisierung von Eigenschaften
  • Forming: sections, roughness measure-ments, 2D/3D-microscopy, SEM
  • Module properties: frequency response, linearity, electrical insulation






section of joined piezo ceramicelements

Functional test and quality assurance
  • Test of module functionality by static / dynamic excitation
  • Evaluation of process capability
  • Failure mode and effects analysis
Kraft-Auslenkung-Kennfeld des Piezo-Metall-Verbunds


Reviewed Publications

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Other publications

[Neu13b] Neugebauer R, Schubert A, Koriath H-J, Jahn SF, Müller B, Müller M (2013)
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Project Manager:

Prof.Dr.-Ing. Andreas Schubert
Technische Universität Chemnitz
Fakultät für Maschinenwesen
Professur für Mikrofertigungstechnik (MFT)
09107 Chemnitz

Phone: +49 371 531-34580


Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Koriath
Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik IWU
Reichenhainer Str. 88
09126 Chemnitz

Phone: +49 371 5397-1485


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