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DFG CRC/Transregio 39 PT-PIESA
SP A06

Production technologies of piezo-modules with integrated ceramic composites and functional polymers for application in active metallic components

L. Kroll, J. Tröltzsch
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  2. Results
  3. Methods
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Production of µIMP-modules with adjusted preload of the piezo-ceramic as well as material immanent electromechanical functions based on thermoplastic piezo-ceramic composites for integration in metallic (A03) and plastic-based lightweight structures (T02) in large-scale production

  • Fully automated fabrication of discrete µIM-piezo modules
  • Variation of the material for thermoplastic piezo-ceramic composites for a robust processing by micro injection molding
  • Specifically adjustment of process-related internal compressive stresses for optimal electromechanical properties in the µIMP
  • Material modification for optimized polarization



Morphology of CNTs in micro injection molded test samples of PEEK

  • Orientation of the CNTs due to process-related near-surface shear zone
    → Directionality of electrical conductivity
  • Homogeneous distribution of CNTs with distinct network structure and without development of agglomerates
    Percolation threshold at small percentages of CNTs
  • Very high proportion of CNTs at the surface of the micro injection molded test samples
    Small electrical contact resistance
    → Slightly pronounced parasitic capacity

a) SEM micrograph of the surface of injection molded samples of PEEK
b) TEM micrograph of a partial cross-section perpendicular to the flow direction of the melt

Investigation of process-related electrical conductivities at PEEK-CNT- nanocomposite structures

  • High conductivity due to short filling process time
    → Optimal injection velocity at 550 mm/s
  • Large proportion of CNTs at the structural surface with increasing mold temperature
    Formation of the shear zone close to cavity
  • Sufficient electrical conductivity already at 7 wt.% CNT for forwarding of small signals
    Processability of nanocomposites by injection molding technologies

Electrical conductivity of PEEK filled with 7 wt.% CNT at different process parameters of injection molding

Micro injection molding process evaluation with µIMP-tool

  • Newly gripper-concept with highly tempered mounting for micro structured piezo-ceramics
    TPZT = 180°C at mold transfer with ± 5 µm positional tolerance
  • Proof of low internal stress µIMP in compact constructions
  • Defined internal compressive stresses in PZT (10 to 30 MPa) by specific adjustment of the process parameters
    Convenient electromechanical performance


a) µIMP micro injection molding tool; b) µIMP embedded in aluminum



Tool and process simulation

  • FEM-calculation of process-related internal compressive stresses
  • Analysis of form filling simulations of highly viscous melts
Thermo mechanical deformation analysis
(Scaling factor: 10; red: max. 0.5 mm; green: 0.3 mm
Production studies, sensitivity analysis
  • Characterization of production-induced material properties
  • Optimization of electromechanical performance by genetic algorithms
Young’s modulus of PEEK filled with 7 wt.% CNT as a function of tool temperature and injection rate
  • Investigation of physical and chemical surface activations to improve adhesion
  • Variation of material and geometry for adhesive bonded, positive interlocked and frictional connected composite modules
Surface activation of micro structured PZT in plasma atmosphere


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Andere Veröffentlichungen

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